San Diego – Point Loma University Professor Senyo Adjibolosoo’s dream is quickly becoming a reality. As the President and CEO of the International Institute for Human Factor Development (USA) Incorporated, Adjibolosoo’s vision is to assist people in Akatsi, Ghana, to improve their quality of life through a human factor-based Transformational Development Education Program. His idea for an educational facility from Nursury through graduate school (university/college) in Ghana, Africa is becoming a reality.

“Thanks to donations from churches and individuals from San Diego and other cities, we’ve just sent another $30,000 to the building completion fund in Akatsi,” said San Diego’s Jason Jenkins, CEO of Assetwise Investments, Inc. and a Board member of the IIHFD. “It’s a joy to so many people who are on board with the Human Factor Leadership Academy’s (HFLA) vision.” “Our vision is Improving the Human Quality,” said Professor Senyo Adjibolosoo. “We believe the world can be a better place for all humanity. We are dedicated to improving the human condition through our HFLA education program. Our education program will produce honest and compassionate leaders who will transform lives through knowledge acquisition and its application. Most educational institutions concentrate on schooling rather than education. Our primary goal is to use our curriculum and methods of transformational development education to accomplish our vision and mission at the HFLA.” The children at the HFLA in Akatsi are already enjoying great books that have been donated and shipped from San Diegans. “Even with the wavering economy, the uniqueness and sustainability of this project continues to draw support from around the world,” said Jason Jenkins. “We are especially grateful to our San Diego advocates who support the HFLA financially and also volunteer in diverse ways.” Professor Senyo Adjibolosoo envisions that graduates from the HFLA will serve people in the various global marketplaces with impeccable love, grace, compassion, and forgiveness. They will serve with integrity, honesty, commitment, and courage. We believe that every human being can be a little better in terms of virtuous living. Through the educational activities of the HFLA, we will see the effect of our efforts in the long term.”