Human Factor Leadership Academy


Our Vision

To Improve the Human Quality

We believe the world can be a better place for all humanity. We are dedicated to improving the human condition through the transformational development education program we offer at the Human Factor Leadership Academy (HFLA). Our wholistic education program is aimed at

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producing honest and compassionate leaders who will transform lives in their own communities and nations through knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

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Our Commitment

We are committed to educating children, youth, and adults to grow in positive human factor qualities so they can apply them in all spheres of human endeavors. Graduates from the Human Factor Leadership Academy will serve in the various marketplaces with impeccable love, grace, compassion, and forgiveness. They will aspire to live and lead with integrity, honesty, commitment, and courage.

Our Philosophy

The human factor development process requires that at the commencement of any community development plans, policies, projects, and programs, the people in charge determine the caliber of citizens required for the implementation of the program. These men and women must be grounded in moral principles and ethical standards that support

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the establishment and building of civil society. They must be people of impeccable character who will serve in their various positions of trust as honest and compassionate leaders. They must live a life of civility and serve others indiscriminately. In terms of the quality of the people required for the national development program, Professor Senyo Adjibolosoo, in his book entitled: The Human Factor in Developing Africa (Westport, CT.: Praeger, 1995), observes that every nation requires people who:

1.  Have the ambition and the imagination to search for clues; always have the intent to perform and are of one mind; have the willingness to search for and insist on discovering solutions to national problems.

2.  Are determined to acquire understanding of current problems, have existing levels of available skills and the additional abilities required for the enhancement of productivity; and have knowledge about what must be done and the wisdom to use that acquired knowledge to solve problems. These people will facilitate the rate at which solutions are reached to overcoming hindrances in the economic development process.

3.  Have the zeal and the willingness to give liberally their best in contributing to the national economic development program. The industry brought to the reconstruction process by each person must grow out of individual free will and commitment to self-interest insofar as it’s in agreement with national economic development goals.

4.  Provide the required leadership to facilitate the process of providing the opportunities for every citizen to contribute freely to the success of the national program for economic progress.

5.  Have the assurance that courage, resourcefulness and hard work will increase the wealth of their society and lead to the continuing enjoyment of the fruits of their munificence.

6.  Possess a sense of purpose, insight, vision and direction; are skillful in wisdom and scientific knowledge; are steadfast in commitment to risk taking; and are dedicated to personal integrity. These are the people who possess relevant human qualities and know what is good and required for human progress toward effective and efficient maintenance of law and order, respect for the rule of law and property rights, the promotion of hard work and social welfare and an unrelenting respect for the sanctity of human life and the dignity of labor.

When the labor force possesses positive human factor, it is positioned to make development happen (The Significance of the Human Factor in African Economic Development (Westport, CT.: Praeger, 1995).

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LeadershipWe at the IIHFD through our excellent youth leadership development program—the Human Factor Leadership Academy (HFLA)—are committed to producing Honest and Compassionate Leaders who will serve as Effective Leaders in the various marketplaces they serve at—regardless of whether the countries in which they serve are either their own home countries or any others within which they currently dwell. Our educators at the Human Factor Leadership Academy (HFLA) will educate, provide excellent health care, and invest in Africa’s children as well as the youth. The graduate from the HFLA will grow in moral character. They will subsequently make a lasting difference in diverse spheres of life in their own communities and countries as well.

The Elementary School of the HHFLA is currently located in a rental facility in Akatsi, Volta Region of Ghana. The future home of the HFLA is a thirty acre plot of land that is just outside Akatsi. Although our academy is in Ghana, the academy will serve as a learning institute for the entire continent of Africa.

The Human Factor Leadership Academy relies on the energy, talent, compassion, and commitment of its volunteers and financial partners. We believe in the capabilities of Africans to change their lives for the better. Our goal is to provide appropriate resources, excellent guidance, the required enablement, and a human factor-based education that will lead to the production of honest and compassionate leaders in the long term. We will continue to invest our resources into the children’s education program so they can bring hope to their own people regarding a better future.

The Human Factor Leadership Academy is the first international development educational program of the International Institute for Human Factor Development–IIHFD (USA) Incorporated. The IIHFD is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

HFLA Elementary School Education Program

Since 1992, the leadership of the International Institute for Human Factor Development (IIHFD) has concetrated its effort and resources on the human factor concept and philosophy of education and development. The primary intent of the academic research program of the IIHFD is to create and develop education programs with the primary purpose of producing men and women who will be effective leaders in their own countries.

To achieve the objective of nation building, we believe that leaders of any country must develop principle-centered citizens who are fully equipped to build, manage, establish, and develop democratic institutions that are required for the creation of a viable civil society. Any community whose members desire to build a harmonious principle-centered civil society must pursue education programs that are aimed at improving the quality of their own human factor.

The philosophy that underscores the education program at the HFLA—Elementary School is aimed at producing courageous and principle-centered leaders. The grooming of this caliber of leaders is carried out through what we refer to as Transformational Develoment Education (See Senyo Adjibolosoo, 2005. The Human Factor in Leadership Effectiveness. Mustang, OK: Tate Publishing; Senyo Adjibolosoo, 1999. Rethinking Development Theory and Policy: A Human Factor Critique. Wesport, CT: Praeger; and Senyo Adjibolosoo, 1995. The Human Factor in Developing Africa. Wesport, CT: Praeger. The education program at the HFLA—Elementary School is aimed at the production of leaders who grow in and possess positive qualities of the human factor.

KidsElementary School Curriculum

This curriculum is based on the Trivium and Quadrivium.

Levels of Education

There are four integrated levels of academic education program of activities at the HFLA—Elementary School. These are:

1. Nursery—Grooming

2. Preschool—Preparation

3. Kindergarten—Readiness

4. Grades 1 through to 8—Mastering the Elements of the Trivium and Quadrivium.

That which underscores the HFLA—Elementary School Education curriculum is made up of the elements of the Quadrangle of Hope—Love, Grace, Compassion, and Forgiveness.

Our HFLA—SHS education program aims at improving the quality of the human factor. This objective focuses on guiding our students to grow in knowledge as well as mature in universal spiritual principles and moral virtues. Our graduates are educated and guided to hone the positive qualities of the human factor. According to Professor Senyo Adjibolosoo, PhD in Economics, at the HFLA—SHS, our belief is that every human being can become a little better person every day in relation to growing in and expressing principle-centered attitudes, behaviors, and action. We are, therefore, committed in our diverse education programs at the HFLA—SHS to assisting our students to grow as honest and compassionate leaders.


Our Vision Statement: Improving the Human Quality

At the HFLA Senior High School our primary belief is that every human being can be a little better. We are committed at our institution to assist the youth to improve the quality of their human factor as they prepare to enter into their leadership roles for a flourishing nation.


Our Mission Statement: Producing Honest and Compassionate Leaders

At the HFLA Senior High School, we are committed to the basic belief that honest and compassionate leaders make the world a better place for everyone.


Our Motto: Love-Grace-Compassion-Forgiveness

At the HFLA Senior High School, we are committed to the basic belief that honest and compassionate leaders make the world a better place for everyone.


Accomplishing Our Vision, Mission, and Motto

Our academic program is aimed at the education of the whole being: Body, Soule, and Spirit.