Our Needs and Getting Involved


The Human Factor Leadership Academy recognizes that in order to achieve this great project it will take the involvement of many individuals participating in different capacities. Some of our key and most pressings needs at the Human Factor Leadership Academy Include:

1 State of the Art Classroom Facilities (Sponsor a classroom block or a room in a classroom building).

2 Computer for our classrooms as well as the Computer Laboratory.

Hand-held Calculators for Children’s Use and Explorations.

4 Learning Materials in the areas of Science; Mathematics; Language (i.e., Local Language, English, French, and German).

5 School Buses for easier transportation from home to school and back to home. These School Buses will also be used for Educational Touristic Travels and Explorations.

6 Motor Cycles for Teachers and non-teaching Staff members.

7 Children’s Books.

8 Materials to set up our own Wellness Center or Clinic that provide excellent Healthcare Services to our Students, Teachers and other Staff.

9 School Furniture.

10 Scholarships.

11 Others: Anything you can provide to our school to enhance our process of education.

12 Tractors for Agricultural Work. Through this, we make more money to be channeled into ongoing program as well as activity development at the HFLA.

13 Student Center Building.

14 Dormitories.

15 State of the Art Library as well as Computer Lab.

16 A Global State of the Art Athletics and Sports Field.

17 Student Union Building.

18 A 5 Trillion Financial Endowment.

19 Others

The bottom line is that many hands will touch this project and we need your help. There are several ways to get involved in making this project become a reality.

By clicking on the links above you can immediately begin to be a part of this special project, which is changing the lives of so many young children in Ghana who will eventually change their nation.